Saturday 26 February 2011

Astro Engineering Deluxe locator plate mod.

Using my scope in Alt-Az mode required a locator plate to safely locate the bottom of the scope to the Meade field tripod whilst fumbling around in the dark.

After changing to an equatorial wedge I have been looking for a good eyepiece tray but alas could not find one, so I decided to modify the deluxe locator instead.

Just flip the locator plate over and drill 3 new 10mm holes for the bolts on the tripod, bolt it all back together and you've got a very useful eyepiece tray in equatorial mode.
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Saturn: 2003.

The image was created using a Phillips Webcam (Toucam Pro) and a 2x apocromatic barlow at prime focus.

The resulting ".avi" file was then processed using Registax.
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