Saturday, 17 September 2016

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Amiga 1500 Restoration

I picked up this Amiga 1500 from eBay which was in need of restoring, here is a brief log of what I found.

It was left in a shed for a good number of years.

1: Evidence of mice damage and nesting material found inside the case.

2: Lots of stripped wires and insulation found so I had to remove it all first before dis-assembly and then on to PCB cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.

3: After a thorough clean, all the chips on the motherboard were re-seated and addon cards removed. 

The dreaded Ni Cd clock battery was removed and found minimal acid damage not affecting traces thankfully, just slight discoloration to the PCB.

Jumpers checked to find all jumpers were in their default positions and ROM bridge removed with default Kickstart 1.3 ROM inserted.

Burn in test with Lotus 3 as it stresses all parts of the Amiga for 2 hours.. and it passed!

4: The 52MB SCSI drive was found to be dead so I removed it and added back the GVP+8  card for 2MB fast memory and re-assembled the computer with upgraded kickstart 2.04 ROM.

Removed the UK Amiga 1500 sticker covering the original Amiga 2000 sticker underneath.

It's now fully functional and I am hoping to expand it further in the future.

The latest parts date back to 1991 so not bad for a 25 year old computer.

Another Amiga rescued from landfill.